Welcome to the Board of Regents’ Power-Based Violence Resource Hub. We believe that everyone should have access to a learning environment that is safe and nurturing, which is why Regents remains committed to working with the higher education community to promote safe campus cultures. 

In 2015, the Board of Regents created the Uniform Policy on Sexual Misconduct pursuant to Executive Order No. BJ 2014-14 and ACT 172 of the 2015 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. During the Louisiana 2021 Regular Legislative Session, Act 472 was passed to help keep Louisiana’s higher education communities safe and free from incidents of Power-Based Violence. 

This website can be used to find information on Power-Based Violence, Board of Regents’ policies, resources, and the Power-Based Violence Review Panel. This website cannot be used to report incidents. If you or someone you know needs to report an incident of Power-Based Violence, Sexual Misconduct, or a Title IX violation, please contact your institution’s Title IX Coordinator. To locate your institution’s Title IX Coordinator, visit your institution’s website or click here.


What is the Louisiana Board of Regents' Uniform Policy on Power-Based Violence?

The Louisiana Board of Regents (BOR) remains committed to the highest quality and most impactful educational experiences for all students attending postsecondary institutions (“institutions”) in the state. These experiences are key to Louisiana’s prosperity and growth, and rely on campus environments that are safe, inclusive, and protective for the entire postsecondary education community. Leadership at all levels must collaborate on policy development and take all necessary steps to prevent discrimination, harassment, misconduct, and psychological and physical violence. Ultimately, we must fully commit to building and sustaining a strong culture of respect across campuses, systems, and the state.

This Uniform Policy on Power-Based Violence, promulgated pursuant to Act 472 of the 2021 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, sets forth processes and procedures to guide institutions and stakeholders in maintaining safety and protection for students and employees. Power-Based Violence is defined as any form of interpersonal violence intended to control or intimidate another person through the assertion of power over the person. It includes but is more expansive than sexual misconduct and Title IX misconduct (See definition). Act 472 directs the Board of Regents to establish uniform policies and best practices to implement measures to address the reporting of Power-Based Violence on campuses, the prevention of such violence, communication between Institutions regarding incidents of Power-Based Violence, and the provision of medical and mental health care for the victims.

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Please note, reports of incidents  cannot be made on this website. If you need to report an instance of Power-Based Violence or a Title IX violation, please contact your institution’s Title IX Coordinator. To locate your Title IX coordinator; click here